Entertainment Contracts

The Law Offices of Ryan Alexander can negotiate and prepare your contracts in the industries of music, television, film, art, publishing and sports. As your attorneys we will work hard to protect your interests and help ensure that the deal is a productive one for you.

Representative contracts by industry (not an exhaustive list):

Music: record label contracts, publishing contracts, management contracts, agent contracts, performances, tours, sponsorships, band agreements, side player contracts, song licenses for use in various media, lyric licenses, music sublicenses with foreign labels or distributors, production agreements, producer deals, engineer and music studio contracts, distribution deals, merchandise, BMI/ASCAP/SESAC advances.

Film/Television: literary rights, life story rights, underlying non-fiction rights, game show concepts, and development deals; co-production deals, joint ventures, site and location clearances, prop and special effects contracts, releases, payroll management, merchandising, product placements, music licensing and stock footage licenses; financing, sponsors, loans and investor contracts; employment contracts for loan outs, writers, producers, directors, performers (including guild contracts), agents, consultants, “below the line” personnel, various union members; acquisition and distribution, whether theatrical, non-theatrical, network TV, cable TV, pay TV, home video, syndication, foreign distribution, public TV, or on-demand video. We can also prepare profit participation contracts for your performers and participating producers, director, etc.

Publishing: contracts for trade books and professional books, releases and consent forms for your interviewees and subjects, contracts for illustrators, translators, ghost writers, collaborators and editors; online distribution rights, special editions, reprints, distributors, subpublishers, contracts for a subsidy or vanity press; music lyric use licenses, audiobook licenses and serial rights contracts.

Art/photography: commission and artwork production contracts, merchandise, licensing agreements, sales contracts, certificates of authenticity and magazine use and photography contracts; model and subject releases.

Sports: player contracts, merchandise, image licensing, sponsorship and endorsement deals.

Along with entertainment contracts, we can form your business entities, register and protect your copyrightable materials, register and enforce your trademarks, prepare private placement memoranda and securities registration exemption documents, and more.

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