White Collar Defense

Attorney Ryan Alexander defends people accused of white collar crimes, including business fraud, theft, robbery, larceny and securities fraud. Small businesses, professionals and even attorneys need to be on guard from employee actions and from customers and clients who come back with allegations against them.  With the weak economy, many people are demanding refunds for products and services and trying to have the government be their collection agency by merely alleging fraud or theft.

These cases usually involve a meticulous review of business transactions and procedures.  My background as a small business owner and years of experience as a transactional attorney including contracts, licensing, franchising, securities and bankruptcy give me special insight to the workings of small businesses and the obligations of businesses to their customers.

The prosecution of white collar crime is increasing, and there have been steep increases in penalties sought by prosecutors for business crimes.  Call Attorney Ryan Alexander at 702-868-3311 for a free consultation.

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