Sealing Records

“Question #1: Have you ever been convicted and/or arrested for any crime?”

Does your pen stop here on a job or school application? Do you nervously try to figure out how to get around this question? You fear that if you answer truthfully, it is highly likely that your application will go straight into the trash bin. However, if you lie and are subsequently hired, your employer can easily run a background check and find out the truth… and once they do, you might get fired.So what can you do? Call Attorney Ryan Alexander and ask us to seal your criminal records so that they cannot be found by background checks.

Our licensed attorneys help clients seal criminal records of Nevada convictions and arrests.Nevada Revised Statutes 179.245 outlines the process: it involves filing with the court a petition to seal the Nevada criminal records. There is a hearing to determine whether the petition should be granted. If successful, your record will be sealed, the proceedings and alleged acts are deemed “never to have occured,” and you can answer “no” with confidence the “[h]ave you been convicted or arrested” question posed above.

How long do you have to wait before you can seal a criminal conviction or arrest?

Before sealing Nevada criminal records, you must wait a certain time period.This time period is based upon the nature of the conviction, and the type of crime charged. This time period begins once the client has: (1) completed all the necessary requirements that the court ordered; or (2) upon discharge of probation or parole; or (3) expiration of a prison or jail sentence.Below is a chart for clarification on the waiting period.



Category A or B Felony

15 years

Category C or D Felony

12 years

Category E Felony

10 years

Gross Misdemeanor

7 years


2 years

Misdemeanor DUI

7 years

Misdemeanor Domestic Violence

7 years

Arrest without a conviction

Immediately after dismissal or acquittal

*Please note, if the conviction was for a crime against a child or a sexual offense, in most cases, Nevada criminal records cannot be sealed.

Also, you must have maintained a clean criminal record during these waiting periods. This means you can’t have any new criminal convictions, or criminal offenses for which proceedings are pending.  Parking tickets and minor moving violations are generally fine and will not cause problems with sealing records.

If you have records you would like sealed, or have further questions about sealing records, call Nevada Attorney Ryan Alexander today at (702) 868-3311.

How much do you charge to seal records in Clark County? Our fee is $700 with a court filing fee and administrative costs of $300.  There was a recently added fee of $121 for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Records Division, but that has been suspended.

How long does it take to seal criminal records in Clark County? On average sealing records will take five (5) to nine (9) months total.

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