With the current economic situation in Las Vegas, many people fall behind on their court payments or fail to pay fines because they don’t have money available.  If you have missed payments or hearings, you may have a warrant issued against you.  A warrant is an order signed by a judge giving the police the authority to arrest you.  If you have an active warrant and you are pulled over for even a minor traffic offense, you can be detained and/or arrested and taken directly jail.

Common ways to have a warrant issued against you:

  1. You failed to appear to a scheduled court hearing; or
  2. You are non-compliant with court orders, such as failure to make monthly payments, not going to a court-ordered class, etc.

How you can find out if you have a warrant issued against you right now:

  1. Call the Attorney Ryan Alexander at (702) 868-3311 and we can quickly check for you.
  2. Call the Clerk at the court you think you might have a warrant (or have a relative call for you).

How you can get rid of a warrant:

  1. Attorney Ryan Alexander at (702) 868-3311 and we can go to court on your behalf and quash the warrant.  In most cases, we can get the court to remove the warrant and schedule a new hearing for you.  This keeps you out of jail.
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