Traffic Tickets

Why use Attorney Ryan Alexander to defend your traffic tickets?

Convenience: instead of hours in court, you can spend just a few minutes in our nice office. Plus, using an attorney saves you a whole lot of time trying to learn traffic law in order to represent yourself.
Low price: attorneys quickly negotiate your fines and points starting at $50.00.
Skill and experience: we’ve avoided countless DMV Driving Record points and prevented our clients from getting huge insurance premium increases.

Click here to see how the ticket process works. To talk with an attorney about your traffic ticket today, call (702) 222-3476

2014 NOTE: Recent (bad) changes to Las Vegas Justice Court and Las Vegas Municipal Court traffic departments have changed the way that tickets are processed and adjudicated. Many fines have increased, a new fine has been added instead of doing traffic school, and Las Vegas Municipal Court refuses to quash third-time warrants without significant cash payments. Call for more details.

Courts Where Attorney Ryan Alexander Can Represent You

Las Vegas Justice Court
Las Vegas Municipal Court
North Las Vegas Justice Court
North Las Vegas Municipal Court
Henderson Justice Court
Henderson Municipal Court
Boulder City Justice Court
Searchlight Court
Moapa Justice Court
Moapa Valley Justice Court

If your ticket is for another court in Nevada, please contact us at (702) 222-3476 for availability. We’ll need to see if we can schedule our appearance.

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