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Why hire Attorney Ryan Alexander for your criminal case?

Our clients meet directly with Ryan from the very first meeting, and Ryan will explain how criminal cases proceed and then actually answer your questions. Ryan performs the attorney work on the case and will be the attorney with you at your court appearance.  Most misdemeanor clients only have to go to court one time – Ryan will make the other appearances for you. We pride ourselves on having direct attention to your case; with Attorney Ryan Alexander you will not be passed around multiple paralegals or lawyers like a factory assembly line. Our clients who have met with other firms constantly tell us that we give the most comprehensive and informative initial consultation they have had.

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If you have been accused of a crime, the Attorney Ryan Alexander can represent you. We have represented clients on cases from traffic tickets, warrants, and DUI to drug cases, white collar crimes, sex crimes and other serious felonies.

Accepting cases in (Click for more information):

Traffic tickets
– Domestic violence
Casino markers, casino debts and bad checks
– Assault, battery, use of a deadly weapon
– Drug trafficking and drug crimes
– Sex crimes
White collar and financial crimes
– Appeals


We also seal previous arrests and convictions.

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