Internet Law

The Law Offices of Ryan Alexander can provide a wide variety of legal services for website owners. You may find that someone else has either taken possession of a domain name you owned or is “cybersquatting” on the domain whose name is a trademark you own. Cybersquatting is when they are holding the site name from your without a legitimate use or in “bad faith.” If you have lost your website or cannot get the website which corresponds with a trademark you own, there are several remedies which The Law Offices of Ryan Alexander can employ.

If negotiation directly with the holder of the domain is unsuccessful, we can use the ICANN arbitration process to file an arbitration proceeding against the alleged squatter. If you win the arbitration with a 1 to 3 arbiter panel (made of contracted lawyers and judges), within a short time the domain is taken from the squatter and reassigned to you. This tends to be cost effective and is very, very fast compared to a lawsuit.The second main option is to file a lawsuit in federal court under the Anti-Cybersquatter Act and trademark law – while the court ruling is stronger in some ways it is far costlier for the client and can take months or years. Filing a lawsuit is usually an option even if you lose an ICANN arbitration.

Should you need to enforce your rights, protect your material or set aside a breached contract, The Law Offices of Ryan Alexander can fight on your behalf. If someone has taken material from your website, we can use copyright and trademark laws to cause them to stop, or if a lawsuit is commenced, perhaps even a financial settlement or court award. We can also defend you if you have been accused of copyright or trademark infringement with your website.

If you own a website it is likely that you have other legal needs. When your deal is ready to put into writing, you will need counsel to negotiate and prepare your contracts. You may also need assistance filing a corporation, partnership or LLC, or other state licenses and certifications. You may have content that need to be registered for copyright, a non-disclosure agreement for your new proposal, or brands, logos and slogans that need to be trademarked. At The Law Offices of Ryan Alexander we want to see your diverse career develop and grow, and we want to be there every step of the way.

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