Why hire The Firm for your bankruptcy case? Attorney Ryan Alexander is among the most experienced bankruptcy attorneys in Nevada, having personally handled hundreds of cases discharging tens of millions of debt. Ryan is one of the few lawyers in Las Vegas handling the more complex Chapter 11 cases, and Ryan often gets referrals from other bankruptcy law firms when cases are too complicated or require special attention. Our clients meet directly with Ryan from the very first meeting, and Ryan will tell you about the process and then actually answer your questions. Ryan performs the attorney work on the case and will be the attorney sitting beside you at your court appearance.  We pride ourselves on having direct attention to your case; at The Firm, P.C., you will not be passed around multiple paralegals or lawyers like a factory assembly line. Our clients who have met with other firms constantly tell us that we give the most comprehensive and informative initial consultation they have had.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filings for one person are $999 attorney fee and $306 court filing fee*. Our $999 fee includes:

  • the intake consultation with attorney Ryan Alexander;
  • preparation of the Bankruptcy Petition;
  • a comprehensive credit report with FICO score projection;
  • letters to creditors as necessary (to stop calls, foreclosure or garnishments immediately);
  • Trustee packet preparation and delivery;
  • representation at the “341” Creditor Hearing; and
  • representation through the discharge of the bankruptcy.

For a free bankruptcy consultation, call the The Firm, P.C. at (702) 222-FIRM (3476).

* Credit counseling is not included, you can complete credit counseling on your own or use our preferred service www.MyBKNow.com . Additional fees apply for couples filing jointly (+$200), business owners or self-employed filers (+$400), emergency filings to be submitted within five business days (+$200), or attorney preparation of vehicle reaffirmation agreements.  Does not include commercial debtors or business Chapter 7 cases. Additionally, if your creditors contest your bankruptcy petition, you may incur additional charges.

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