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Some Recent Results:
$26,527,772 – Brain injury judgment
$2,500,000 – Defective product settlement
$1,300,000 – Premises liability – shooting
$1,204,048 – Car crash jury verdict
$950,000 – Premises liability – shooting
$900,000 – Insurance bad faith
$890,000 – Car crash
$850,000 – Car crash
$750,000 – Car crash
$700,000 – Car crash
$700,000 – Car crash
$650,000 – Car crash
$550,000 – Car crash
$515,000 – Car crash
$500,000 – Car crash
$475,000 – Car crash
$450,000 – Car crash
$425,000 – Car crash
$405,253 – Premises liability
$375,000 – Car crash
$355,655 – Car crash
$340,000 – Employment – whistleblower
$340,000 – Breach of contract
$300,000 – Civil rights
$276,000 – Car crash
$270,000 – Car crash
$250,000 – Car crash
$250,000 – Car crash
$225,000 – Injury by security guard
$225,000 – Car crash
$225,000 – Car crash
$220,000 – Car crash
$425,000 – Car crash
$216,000 – Car crash
$200,000 – Premises liability
$200,000 – Premises liability
$200,000 – Premises liability
$190,000 – Car crash
$190,000 – Car crash
$178,900 – Car crash
$177,429 – Car crash
$165,000 – Insurance bad faith
$164,138 – Consumer fraud
$150,000 – Defective product
$145,000 – Car crash
$145,000 – Car crash
$140,000 – Slip and fall
$135,000 – Car crash
$130,000 – Trip and fall
$130,000 – Car crash
$126,000 – Car crash
$125,000 – Car crash
$125,000 – Car crash
$115,000 – Car crash
$115,000 – Car crash
And over 2,500 more settlements $110,000 and under!
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“Ryan took our case, met with us directly, listened to everything we had to say and advised us as to what he was going to do. Ryan and his staff are very professional and very caring. In my banking career I have been with many attorney firms and can truthfully say that Ryan and The Firm are the best attorneys I have ever had the distinct pleasure of dealing with and hiring.” – Bob
“My family retained Mr. Alexander when I was incarcerated… I can say that what I paid was worth it to regain my freedom and clear my name.” – Jason
“As a lawyer myself it is sometimes difficult to pass on legal work, but every time I do Ryan is the person I go to.” – Henry S.
“We have been represented by Ryan for several years and highly recommend him. Ryan delivers every time and is an outstanding personality who goes the extra mile. He is ethical, honest, friendly, kind and knowledgeable.” – Steve
“Mr. Alexander represented me in a case where a prominent insurance company persisted in denying my wife’s legitimate medical claims. We had hired the best attorney’s to represent us, but under Corporate pressure, this experienced team buckled. One call to Mr. Alexander, was all it took to turn our case around.” – Zack
“If you are in need and want competent professional assistance that you can count on to be honest and ethical Ryan is person you want.” -Sean
“Ryan Alexander was great in helping me with my claim. He was always professional and caring. He took the time to answer our questions and concerns. ” – Aaron
“We have been working with Ryan Alexander since 2007. He is the most ethical, honest, and knowledgeable Attorney we have ever worked with and therefore highly recommend. ” – Kim
“Ryan and his team are absolutely phenomenal. They are trustworthy and handle your case in a timely manner. ” – Deana
“They made filing bankruptcy stress free.” – Julie
“Ryan’s easy-going demeanor, his attention to detail, his legal and business accumen make him a pleasure to work with. In addition, his honest character and work ethic have (over the years) almost single-handedly reshaped my opinion of lawyers in general.” – Nathaniel
“Ryan’s professionalism, responsiveness and knowledge of the issues involved were top-notch. A great guy who also happens to be a graduate of Harvard Law School– you don’t find that often in Las Vegas.” – Jonathan

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